About us

Our Story

 Apna Senior Care was founded by Rajpreet Kaur and Jasmine Mundy. Having worked in the field of senior care previously, we noticed a gap in the in-home care services available to South Asian seniors. With the vision of providing culturally sensitive services, we started Apna Senior Care. Though our goal started with helping seniors in the South Asian community live more comfortably, we believe every senior should have access to compassionate and high-quality care.  

Rajpreet Kaur 

Always thinking of others first, the field of senior care was the natural path for Rajpreet. After gaining a degree in Biology, she decided to pursue her dream of working with seniors. She went on to excel in her career and gained many lifelong relationships with her clients. Not too long after, she realized there was a significant gap in the senior care services offered in her community. A significant cultural barrier prevented many people from accessing in-home care. With a vision of a new type of care in mind, she was determined to fill that gap. It was Rajpreet’s kind-hearted nature and persistence to see things done right that brought Apna Senior Care to life. Rajpreet brings the same kindness and passion to Apna Senior Care that she brings to her everyday life. 

Jasmine Mundy

Driven by the passion to help others, Jasmine has always gone above and beyond both in her career and personal life.  Jasmine received her Bachelors of Art in Sociology and explored a career in social services to best utilize her knowledge, skills and experience. She strongly believes that honesty, empathy and compassion are important traits when providing care to seniors in a diverse community. Wanting to make it easier for seniors to live comfortably, Jasmine was motivated to co-found Apna Senior Care. In her role, she wants to ensure that every senior is treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

Rajpreet and Jasmine wanted to create a care service that was accessible for all seniors. Together, they possess the necessary commitment and compassion to build the foundation of Apna Senior Care.